Cool. Electric. Emission-free.

Open to new things

Comes standard with more coolness:

Experience more driving fun

Can driving fun get any better? And be implemented with a sustainable concept? The Evetta Openair is a convertible that combines open driving and modern e-mobility. Strictly limited to 999 pieces in the First Edition. 

The Evetta is an electric light vehicle of the L7e class. This makes it not a car, but much more: lighter, more sustainable, faster to recharge. With a range of up to 234 km. 

Planned delivery: 2023 

Available for: 33,333 Euro*

*Including German VAT

  • Evetta-Openair-Reichweite.jpg

    More range

    Our convertible is equipped standard from the factory with the largest battery. This means that depending on the way you drive it, it has about 30% more capacity than standard batteries.

  • Evetta-Openair-Keyless.jpg

    Keyless entry & go by an app

    It can’t get any easier: if you want to, the vehicle can be opened and started very easily by the app. You don’t need a key anymore. This is how electric mobility works today.

  • Evetta-Openair-RetroDesign.jpg

    Modern retro design

    We have transported the unmistakably iconic design of the front door into the 21st century. For dynamic e-mobility in today’s world.

Get in. Feel good. Drive away.

The Evetta Openair is a space miracle because efficiency is at the top of the agenda. However, comfort and entertainment are not sacrificed because your everyday life is already stressful enough.

  • Evetta-Prima-Blue-EcoSport.jpg

    Eco & sport mode

    How do you want to drive? Very efficiently? Or somewhat faster? Decide on your own by pushing a button, and the Evetta Prima adapts itself to your choice.

  • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

    As desired, you can connect your smartphone to the infotainment system using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Including intuitive menu navigation for especially easy, safe operation.

  • Cordless charging

    Always online? Thanks to our inductive charging function, your smartphone will never run out of power – you don’t need a conventional cord connection anymore.

  • Bluetooth speakers to go

    You want to take your music to a picnic in the park? No problem!

*Conditional on the technical inspection